Our Team

Convert Real Estate began life in August 2005 and is independently owned and operated. We have since sold and rented well over 3,000 properties

Senior Members of Staff:


Tony Maselli, Joint Owner.

Tony comes to us with twelve years experience as a real estate broker, sales agent, rental agent and property manager. Mr. Maselli is retired from the US Army where one of his responsibilities was to manage soldier housing complexes in excess of 2000 units. He has extensive experience with regard to managing single family, multi-family housing, commercial property, and coordinating inspections, and facilitating maintenance.



Carli Maselli: Broker

Carli has 16 years experience as a real estate broker, sales agent, rental agent, and property manager. Ms. Maselli was the organizer and manager of FRP properties, a successful property management company that handled over 1200 properties. She has extensive experience with regard to managing multi-family housing and single family homes, coordinating inspections, and facilitating maintenance, and while her primary focus is listing and selling multifamily and commercial real estate, she maintains a position as “of council” within the firm.



Ronald Bell: Leasing Manager/Maintenance Manager

Mr. Bell has been involved with property and maintenance management for over eight years. He is responsible for working with our real estate investors who choose to lease properties that they have purchased. Part of Mr. Bell’s responsibilities include tracking all tenant activities including but not limited to rent collections, maintenance coordination, ensuring recently vacated units are prepared to accept new tenants as quickly as possible, and move-in and move-out inspections. He also assists the bookkeeper in tracking and dispersing security deposits when applicable. Mr. Bell is a licensed real estate agent.